Spring Hues of Blue

On most occasions, when someone says ‘I’m feeling blue’, that has a negative connotation. But if you’ve been a reader of The Prep Pursuit or seen the YouTube channel you know that navy is my neutral, so for me ‘feeling blue’ has a positive association. A stylish accessory that everyone always ends up carrying with them every single day, whether or not they pay attention to it – is a cell phone. Most of us don’t carry our phones around without some form of protection, like a case or wallet. Today I’m sharing a few of my favorite cases from Case Escape, it’s a smartphone case company that has lots of beach-inspired and earthy patterns to take you to paradise anytime you look at your phone.

Right now I’m carrying my iPhone in the case you see pictured on the right from the first photo in this blog post, the heart-shaped cluster of trees that I like to think of as an island! The color of the water is so clear and bright, I like to feel inspired by this perfect island heart. I’m a Dallas Texan so I don’t like near water or a beach, but Case Escape gives me lots of serene thoughts whenever I look down at my phone!

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If you’ve been looking for an array of smartphone cases with fun, bright designs – check out Case Escape! They have both iPhone and Samsung Galaxy cases in a variety of colors and patterns to delight you!

Etiquette consulting Dallas and Etiquette consulting Dallas Texas

What color is your current smartphone case? Tell me in a comment below!


iPhone case with heart: Sponsored by Case Escape

iPhone case with glitter: Sponsored by Case Escape

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