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If you defined your style in four words, what would they be? The most fun thing about personal style is that it’s YOUR style – you create the rules. Personal style is my favorite form of self-expression, and I love finding clothing and accessories to supplement my style. That’s why when I came across the mobile app, Just My Style, I fell absolutely in love!

Just My Style is the coolest fashion app ever! It’s free to download on Android and Apple devices. I got it on my iPhone and use it so much I moved it to my front screen at the top!

How it works:

Step 1: After downloading the app, as soon as I opened it I saw this screen just like the photo above! The screen shows different clothing and accessory categories, so you can click on one to start browsing. I love dresses, so that was the first category I clicked on!

Step 2: Based on what I think of the item I can swipe right or click a thumbs up or swipe left or click a thumbs down if I dislike the item. The super cool thing is that the app is remembering my decisions and is learning my style based on what I like and dislike!

Step 3: When I’m ready to shop, I click the cart button to instantly buy the item!

Step 4: After I create an account I enter my information to purchase and have the item shipped to me!


Another really cool feature of the app are lists! I can easily save items to favorites and organize them into different lists based on how I want!

This feature is probably my favorite because I love to keep things super organized, so I created lists for different summer vacations I have coming up with the items I want to buy for each trip! They are all sorted based on where I’m going so I can keep my items nice and organized!



Are you convinced you need this app yet? I know you are excited and ready to get the download! Head to this link here to download it now – the app is available for both Android and Apple devices.

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After you download the app, tell me what item you found that is your favorite!

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