The Real Way to Keep Your Phone Safe and Clean

The best defense against malicious programs, viruses and malware is a mixture of smart internet behavior and the best antivirus software for your mobile devices. Here are a few ways you can protect yourself and keep your phone clean of spyware, adware and other undesirable apps.

Get Protection

Download an antivirus app and keep it updated. While this might seem obvious, it’s a step that many people forget about or consider unnecessary. The best of these apps are designed to scan and analyze threats based on databases of thousands of threats worldwide. In a situation where a single virus can multiply across the world in days, you need the support that comes from these apps for protection.

Keeping your antivirus app updated is almost as important as downloading it in the first place. Threats change daily, so you’ll need the new features in each new app release. Frequent updates might annoy some people, but they’re highly beneficial in the case of malware protection.

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Use Trusted Stores

It’s a good idea to only use trusted developers. This means that you should stick with licensed app outlets, and maybe even stick to apps that come recommended by reputable companies or media outlets. The idea here is that apps featured in articles released by major publishers are much less likely to be malicious. While it’s sometimes tempting to go for bootleg versions of expensive apps or games, the price might be higher than you expect when your personal information is whisked away to hackers.

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Secure Your Data

Some antivirus software gives you more than just scans and protections, so take advantage of any advanced features you get. One popular example is secure file storage. This technology gives you a way to secure photos and documents against exposure to malicious software or phone thieves.

Some of the best antivirus software is free, so download it and try it out. Get the protection you need from scans and special features. Then, you can help keep everything clean by only downloading trustworthy apps.


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