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I don’t know anyone that doesn’t love a party! All year long, there is always an occasion to celebrate! From the seasons changing to life milestones like graduation and baby showers to national holidays, there are so many reasons to motivate you to host friends and family over to have a good time! Every good party hostess knows that the ambiance can make or break a party. So the preparation of the theme, decor, food, music, and furniture are all tiny details that can make a big impact!

Furniture Rentals

The team at Archive Rentals has an amazing variety of vintage party rentals for furniture: including tables, linens, lighting, benches, chairs, and more! The variety of options ranges from all stylish types including vintage, glamorous, and shabby chic! I just can’t get over how darling the farmhouse table rentals are! And what pairs with the perfect table? A bench or chair, of course! You can find a ton of options for vintage bench rentals from Archive Rentals too! They have it all!

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Design Services

From creating the initial design concept to installing and setting it up, the team at Archive Rentals is happy to make all your event dreams come true! The team at Archive Rentals specializes in luxury, high-end events and destination weddings, but they do it all – even fun-themed gatherings of family and friends! I swooned over their photo gallery, the garden party was my favorite!

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If you are located in the United States or Mexico, check out Archive Rentals! The decor furniture items are stunning! And the design services will leave your guests in awe!

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