Editor in Chief: Devoreaux

Hello there! Devoreaux here, thank you for taking a peek into the prep life! I blog and vlog about my loves: prep style and lifestyle.

This website is a central location you can visit to learn all about style, etiquette, and culture; the life lessons a modern day lady needs to know today! Manners, class, and elegance never go out of style! I share new videos each week to highlight on lessons I’ve learned (some the hard way) so you don’t have to! I talk all about how to be a lady in the 21st century. This blog is also a lookbook of my personal style.

I describe my preppy style as J.Crew meets Ralph Lauren; I like to call it The Polished Prep. I’m obsessed with stripes, statement necklaces, and everything nautical!

My love affair with fashion began at the age of three when I started styling my own outfits. I love fashion, it’s my favorite creative outlet: we can all express our personalities, moods and interests with what we wear. One thing I never notate in my outfit descriptions is an infinity bracelet I wear every day. It’s a sterling silver Tiffany & Co. masterpiece I received as a gift from my dear grandmother, and since I always wear it – I’ll never include it in my descriptions!

When it comes to shopping, I have a rule that always steers me in the right preppy fashion direction: I don’t buy anything unless I can’t live without it. When I shop, I don’t buy for labels; I buy for the style, structure and quality of garments, shoes, and accessories. I’m humbled to be recognized for my style. In Spring 2015, I was honored to be a Dallas Black Style nominee by The City Influencer magazine.

An Atlanta native and MBA graduate, my days are spent in Dallas, Texas living and loving marketing for a Fortune 25 Information Technology and Services company and running my brand marketing consultancy. I also previously served as the Marketing Director for Runway Dallas.

A 25-year-old Southern belle, when I’m not building brands or hitting the gym to stay fit, I’m hunting for fashion finds, attending social events, and supporting philanthropic organizations. My other addictions include golfing, singing karaoke to Mariah Carey hits, and learning French.

I hope you enjoy exploring the preppy life with me on this journey! Each post is dedicated to helping you live a chic and polished life!


Check out what inspires me and feel free to send me a note if I’m able to inspire you as well.



Devoreaux Walton