New Contemporary Fashion Line in Dallas, Texas: VENDALS

I had the pleasure and honor of connecting with Vanessa Posner recently to learn more about her new contemporary clothing line, VENDALS! She will be showing her current collection on Saturday, August 12 at 5 pm in Dallas, Texas at 2914 Taylor Street, Dallas, Texas 75226. I am so excited to attend the show and meet Vanessa! Be sure to check out her website and Series 1, the current collection available for purchase at

Devoreaux: Do you get a lot of inspiration from the beach and tropical environments? I get that vibe from your designs.
Vanessa Posner: Yes, Definitely. Venezuela its a tropical country with a lot of beach influence.. makes sense that you see that in my designs because Venezuela played big part off inspiration for this first collection

Devoreaux: Where do you see Vendals in the next 3-5 years?
Vanessa Posner: In the closets of every GirlBoss. I definitely see Vendals growing, i see a lot of potential in it because i see it as a brand that not only creates the trendiest blouses, tops, on the market but also serving as a tool to empower woman. Kind of like what the power dressing was for women in the early 80’s.

Devoreaux: What is your favorite piece you’ve ever designed?
Vanessa Posner: I think right now is the painter shirt, i would be lying if i said i don’t love all my pieces equally. they are my kids. however, i really enjoyed creating the painter shirt. i think it was the piece that open the collection. and its a piece that that definitely empowers woman. i have always said that every woman should have a great button down shirt. i own aproximately 20 white button down shirts and the painters shirt is basically a curation of all the button down shirts i have whore. i took carefully each of those things i loved about favorite in the collection ( my button down collection ) and created the painter shirt like a puzzle and I’m so happy with what came out of it. i see all kind of woman using this shirt but most imoportantly making them their own

Devoreaux: The Vendals signature t-shirt looks like the perfect thing to wear to a rock music concert. What do you envision your clients doing while wearing the t-shirt?
Vanessa Posner: Of course. thats a perfect example of a place to wear it. but its a lot more than that. i see vandals clients waring it from day to night. you can wear it to a rock concert for sure, but also to the office. the vandals t-shirt is the perfect tee to wear with jeans and a blazer. with the vandals signature tee the possibilities are endless is made with perfect measurement to fit the body just enough to be relaxed fit but more than enough to be a basic.

Devoreaux: If you could have any celebrity wear your clothing, who would it be and why?

Vanessa Posner: Sarah Jessica Parker and Blair Waldorf of course. Grew up with the Gossip Girl generation, but quickly found my way to Sex in the city. These two woman are pure inspiration of style and class they both represent woman who love fashion but in completely different ways even do at the end they are made the same way. Fashion and style icons

Devoreaux: What has been the best career advice you’ve ever received since starting your fashion career?
Vanessa Posner: Trust your gut

Devoreaux: What one word would you use to describe the typical Vendals client?
Vanessa Posner: Chic

Devoreaux: I noticed your straight jacket is made in Texas, do you aspire to always manufacture clothing locally here in Texas?
Vanessa Posner: Of course. for us manufacturing in Texas is fundamental part of vandals. part of what we wanted to do with vandals what to help the garment industry grow and be what it once was.. Dallas had a really big garment industry 10-15 years ago and what we hope to do with vandals is to support the dallas market to s point that more people manufactures here and we can once again have a big garment industry.


Keep an eye on the VENDALS website, series 2 and series 3 collections will be added soon!

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